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A variety or workouts and warm ups featuring breath work, yoga, HIIT, cardio, vocal warm ups, meditation, full body workouts, strength training and featuring some of your favorite Broadway performers!

  • Twenty21!
    21 videos


    21 videos

  • Warm It Up - The Actor's Workout

    17 videos

    A full body workout that warms up your voice, body, and presence to bring more of who you are to the world! This series combines breath work, yoga, floor work, a vocal warm up, HIIT cardio, and meditation to have you feeling ready for any performance. :)

  • Workouts for All!

    29 videos

  • Mindfulness

    2 videos

    I like to start my day with meditation/mindfulness practice and I shared a little of my process here!

    I like to end my workouts or start my day with some mindful breathing and I wanted to make sure you had access to this whenever you need it! <3